2019 words I follow

So on the mirror I have in my room I’ve written down 7 different words that I’m going to focus most on 2019! I though I would share them with you and why those words!

Love- The first word is love, what I mean with this is to find the love for myself that I’ve been missing. To find that love and just never let it go, I’m not letting anyone come close to destroy that!

Honesty- To be honest with the ones around me but also with me, to be honest with who I am, my feelings, my thoughts and that it’s okey to think and feel those emotions.

Health- This year I’m focusing a lot on my health, what I eat, how much movement I get in a day. But mostly the inner health to feel good inside, that everything is working as it shall!

Happiness- Happiness is for me to just be able to feel joy over the smallest things that come my way. Since I’m working with kids when hearing them laugh, that gives me joy, seeing a Rainbow Lorikeet gives me joy. All those small things gives me an eternal joy that I never want to lose.

Strong- Feeling stronger everyday that goes by, my mind feels stronger, my body feels stronger. I want to feel strong enough to be able to lift myself up when life brings me down.

Time- This is mostly about enjoying every minute that I get. I’m in Australia right now and maybe this will be my last time here (I hope not) I want to and have to enjoy and live every minute of it.

Fitness – This year I am working a lot on my weight and therefore fitness. Let me just say I have a bit left to go but in my head I’m already at my goal.

So these are my words, do you have any words for 2019 that you follow a little extra?


I’m so happy!

Everyday is a new day in this crazy world that I’ve gotten thrown into but I love it. I love being near kids everyday, it’s just such a fun experience, to do it in Australia of all the places in the world.

I do have work most of the days but it’s pretty nice days filled with laughter, crying, screaming but at the end I feel nothing but love for everyone here.

This is an experience that I will never forget in my lifetime, I’ve been in Australia 6 months soon. Which is absolutely crazy to me and I’ve worked here for soon 3 months. In November I’m coming home, but can already feel the missing of Australia, the silence of Wallabi Point.

I know for sure that I’m going to come back, this won’t be my last time here, give me a few years and I’ll be back. But first there is some other crazy places I want to travel to like New Zeeland, Thailand, USA. I’ve been in America before but I want to see it all, and I think I know what I want to work with.

The feeling of happiness is over me everyday, I wake up feeling happy, I go to sleep feeling happy, I’m on life’s biggest journey at the moment. I am finding myself everyday, I am getting stronger everyday, people around me with the same thinking. Getting amazing friends in my life, that brings joy to my days here!

I can’t say anything other than I’m so thankful that this is my life!

A day at a time

Today it’s Saturday and I’m just relaxing, I have absolutely zero plans this weekend which is incredibly nice. I have unfortunately gotten a new cold which is not fun haha.

I have had a lot of job and have focused a lot on myself, my goals, my dreams and what I really want in life. Which unfortunately mean that this blog has been put behind. I’m going to try better in the future to tell you guys what I’m up to and doing!

Right now I’m watching a movie and I’m hoping for a call from a friend later today. I had soup for lunch and tonight I don’t know what we are going to have for dinner.

My other plans for the day is to do my seven minute workout, making some more homemade medicine with onion and honey, and I’m also going to do some foot workouts. I know that sounds funny but it’s true.

I hope you will have a lovely weekend and get a relaxing time!

Life update

This month it’s work that is happening, but I don’t mind because I love my work! I feel very happy here and I know that I’ve found the right place.

At this exact moment I’m watching Ted Bundy on Netflix, very interesting at least if you ask me! Ted Bundy was a character I don’t really understand, but at the same time I feel very drawn to watch this movie and the documents!

Yesterday I got a new haircut, feels really good actually! I also went to see Avengers Endgame which was better than I expected! There where a lot of twists that I didn’t see coming but I liked it a lot!

Life in Australia is treating me well, so is this family and all the people I so far have met!

I hope you will enjoy your week! 😊

Friendship is like music!

If I would put on a song, a song that you knew would you sing it with me?

Friendship, it’s a funny thing. Friends are something we all want and need in our surroundings to keep us sane, to have some reality, to be held responsible. I love the friends I have, but I have also realized that some friends are here to stay. No matter where I am they will stay by my side, while some people move on and stops caring.

Friendship is like music, up and down, happy, sad, filled with love. There is so many songs that I can connect with friends, the song that played in the background when we first met. The song that was playing at our first sleepover.

Sometimes I wonder if my view on friendship is weird but after a while I think my view is just as normal as anyone else’s view. Of course I have doubt in some friends, some friends I trust til 100%. Some friends have changed my mind during this trip, those that won’t reach out at all!

Well you know what, to those that I have had to say goodbye to, it’s not my loss! I’m happier than ever, if you want to join come sing and dance with me! Be open in heart and soul, let me be on my journey just as I’ll let you have your journey.

We can meet in the middle, let the music guide us! Let’s have a friendship guided by music, guided by our ups and downs, guided by happiness, sadness and lots and lots of love!

The East coast!

I’ve had a two weeks traveling moment! I have been traveling the East coast and it has been wonderful! Unfortunately I have had my cough these two weeks and it still hasn’t left me!

But let’s just say I could live here for the rest of my life without feeling like it would be a bad decision! I love Brisbane, Cairns, Byron Bay well all of it really!

So these two weeks what have I done, well a lot but still just enough. I have cuddled with the koala Hudson, I have been snorkeling in the Great barrier reef, seen the beauty of the world!

It’s to much too write down or to even tell back, what I’ve seen, what I’ve done, what I have been feeling is something that will stick with me forever.

Let me just say, Australia is bigger than it looks, Australia has beauty in the smallest of places! I have found a home that I’ll never let go of.

I’m going to start writing here again, but for now I’m going to go back to laying in my bed. Trying to get rid of this horrible caughthat’s been stuck to me for two weeks.

The trip starts tonight

Tonight at 11.35 pm I jump on the bus to go to Byron Bay, I’m excited and really looking forward to it. Unfortunately I’m sick at the moment with caughing and a running nose haha.

But besides that I’m feeling good, happy, excited. I’m going to do so many fun things during this trip. So here is the places I’m going to and what I’m going to do!

  1. Byron Bay
  2. Brisbane
  3. Australia Zoo
  4. Noosa Heads
  5. Cairns
  6. Tapujkai experience (aboriginal)
  7. Greet barrier reef snorkeling
  8. Head back home!

So this is what I’ll be doing the coming next to weeks, I’ll take so many photos and I will share them with you all of course!

I hope you will have an amazing week just as I will!